"I have had servers with other companies before, but they tend to offer ticketing systems or there is a serious lack of support. With TeleData, they respond straight away and I can actually ring up and speak to support which is a huge deal to me. You know when you are talking to the team you are dealing with a team of experts."  

Craig Duerden, Director of Leadspark Ltd

Cloud server hosting case study: Leadspark Ltd

Partnering to deliver resilient cloud server hosting solutions with superb support utilising TeleData’s Cloud Data Centre (IaaS) Platform


About Leadspark Ltd

Leadspark Ltd is a lead generation company that specialises in acquiring sales leads through highly optimised websites and online marketing.

The firm adds significant value to sales organisations by discovering, nurturing, and developing sales opportunities. Using advanced sales methodologies coupled with best practice, Leadspark generates sales appointments with company executives who truly need the solutions offered by their clients.

Leadspark was founded in 2003 by sales executives who were dissatisfied with the quality of outsourced lead generation services. Their mission is to build a business that develops the best possible sales opportunities for their clients.

The Challenge

Leadspark required a server to host multiple sites for its clients. The solution needed to handle large volumes of website traffic.

Nothing is more important for a high-traffic site, or a site anticipating traffic spikes, than the right hosting solution and partner. Failure to build a website on a sturdy foundation can result in serious problems with slow-loading pages, non-functional interactive elements, and even downtime.

Having had a bad experience dealing with previous providers’ support teams, technical support was a crucial part of the selection criteria. It was extremely important for Leadspark to be confident of the service they would receive, in order to safeguard their clients’ online presence and to react quickly and professionally should any issues need resolving.

The Solution

After speaking with the team at TeleData, it was determined that the best option for Leadspark was a hosted cloud server offering the ability to immediately scale up capacity dependent on requirements and demand.

TeleData’s cloud server hosting solutions and flexible commercial model meant that Leadspark only had to pay for the resources they needed, with unlimited capacity available on demand - removing the need for the firm to future proof and to pay for unused capacity – as would be the case if purchasing and hosting their own physical server or servers. 

The primary benefits that Leadspark has experienced since moving to TeleData, include fast loading websites with maximum uptime and the confidence that they, and also their clients, are in safe hands through the professionalism and responsiveness of the TeleData support team.

“I chose TeleData for two main reasons. Cost and support. The cost was in line with what I would expect to pay, but the support you get is fantastic. I have had cloud servers with other companies before, but they tend to offer ticketing systems or there is a serious lack of support. With TeleData, I receive a response straight away and I can actually ring up and speak to support, which is a huge deal to me. When you talk to the team at Teledata, you know that you're dealing with a team of experts, but thankfully everything is broken down in layman terms”.
Craig Duerden, Director of Leadspark Ltd

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