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Case study: Flexible IaaS to support partner growth

TeleData provides cloud infrastructure to meet new customer challenges in the managed services market


The cloud era has introduced a number of new challenges for the managed services market. As the competition evolves, providers are under more pressure than ever to help their customers improve the efficiency and flexibility of their IT — and to do so without putting security, performance and availability at risk.

For many companies, this has introduced a need for a reliable, flexible and cost-effective IaaS backbone on which customer solutions can be built and delivered.

One of our clients — a major UK managed services provider — offers the perfect example. They help their customers solve a wide range of IT challenges around productivity, security and business continuity, and have built up a reputation as trusted advisors in the cloud. In order to deliver any of this, however, they need a very specific kind of infrastructure underpinning it all — and that's where we come in.

"As a supplier to many other managed service providers, we were able to demonstrate an understanding of their business, their customers' needs and their commercial model from day one."

Matt Edgley — Commercial Director at TeleData

The Requirements

Before choosing TeleData as their primary supplier, the client had worked with a large global cloud provider to deliver the infrastructure on which their customers' applications and data were hosted.

However, the arrangement turned out not to be what they originally expected — or indeed needed, as their requirements became more complex. A lack of flexibility and support meant the client had to take on the greater part of the burden when configuring the cloud-based infrastructure to their customers' needs, and were unable to rely on the provider to help out with consultancy and deliver expert pre-sales, second-line and third-line support.

Ultimately, in order to continue to deliver high-quality services to customers in a commercially viable way, the client needed an IaaS solution that would meet the following requirements:

  • Flexibility: With no two customers alike, the client needed to find a cloud provider and cloud platform that could support diverse infrastructure requirements and adapt to changing customer demands at a moment's notice.
  • Support: The client needed a provider that would, where necessary, be able to offer more than just bare-bones infrastructure, with consultancy and support available for the most complex customer challenges.
  • Ease of use: In order to continue to provide expert first-line support in-house, the client needed their cloud platform to be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible — keeping their resource requirements for day-to-day infrastructure management to a minimum.

On top of all this, it was vital for the cloud provider to be able to offer the highest levels of security, availability and performance to the client and their customers. Anything less would risk a customer support nightmare, damage the client’s reputation and perhaps even lead to a loss of business.

What we delivered

The client's partnership with TeleData began when we worked together to provide cloud-based DR solutions to a small handful of their customers. It soon became apparent that our cloud platform was perfect to meet their requirements for the rest of their customer base, too.

As a supplier of data centre services to many other managed service providers, we were able to demonstrate an understanding of their business, their customers' needs and their commercial model from day one. In turn, we were able to tailor our support to meet their requirements and integrate with their in-house support team — something their previous provider had proven unable to do.

Furthermore, the client found our VMware-based cloud platform ideal for their requirements around ease of use. Tasks like configuring servers to meet changing customer needs, installing updates and troubleshooting became trivial for their first-line support staff — reducing their resource spend on day-to-day infrastructure management.

Finally, the client also unlocked significant benefits in moving their infrastructure to our fully owned UK data centre, Delta House. Examples include the following:

Security and availability

Our data centre is one of the most secure and resilient in the UK, with accreditation to ISO 27001, an on-site security operations and control centre, 2(N+N) UPS redundancy and an uptime track record that exceeds the requirements of Tier 4. This means the client has the peace of mind of knowing that their customers’ infrastructure is protected against compromised security and downtime round the clock.

Range of services

In addition to cloud-based infrastructure, we offer secure colocation services - all under one roof at the same data centre and with connectivity available from a wide range of leading network providers due to our carrier neutrality. This allows the client to deliver a range of hybrid solutions that meet the most demanding customer needs around security, compliance, flexibility and efficiency.

Commercial flexibility

We have a long history of working with managed service providers, software developers and other tech companies that rely on us to deliver the infrastructure that underpins their products and services. We understand their business and their commercial challenges, and we have a proven track record in helping them grow towards greater efficiency and profitability.

Our partner proposition


Wide range of services including colocation and cloud


Expert, experienced on-site tech and sales support


Owner-operated, independent facility at your disposal


Audit-friendy, compliant environment

Partner benefits at a glance

  • Access to our full product portfolio
  • Reseller margins for recurring revenues
  • Marketing resources and PR opportunities
  • Referral commission scheme
  • Experienced consultancy
  • Events and partner lunches
  • Partner account management
  • Dedicated sales and technical support
  • Supported sales meetings and DC tours
  • Non-compete lead registration scheme

Join us as a TeleData Partner

We're ready and waiting to take you on a tour of our Delta House home and show you what we have to offer. We'd be happy to show you around — call us on 0161 498 1200 or send in your details using the form below.