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Case study: Referral Partner

Monetising natural introductions and interest

The Challenge

As a business already selling its own products within technology focused sectors, this particular organisation found that they had a customer and prospect base that regularly required a range of hosting services.

In most cases, the company would either politely advise that they weren’t able to help with this element, or loosely provide a few names of possible providers that they had heard provided solutions of this type. Unfortunately, as their own products and services often relied on their customers having a hosted solution in place, this could be extremely disruptive to their own sales cycle — losing sales at times to lesser competitors who happened to either provide or resell hosting products to offer a turnkey solution.

"TeleData doesn't just present you with a partner scheme and leave you to it. The team works with you to create something that's valuable for everyone. And they make it easy."

Matt Edgley — Commercial Director at TeleData

The Opportunity

The business owner identified that there was a fantastic opportunity to both monetise this natural interest and improve their own competitive advantage during their normal course of business — simply by being able to answer the hosting questions with more certainty and by providing an option that would prevent the customer from exploring this for themselves.

But, at the same time, the business had no desire to disrupt their already successful business model and product portfolio by becoming a hosting provider themselves — they simply weren't setup for it and incorporating hosting contracts and support of such services would serve as nothing but a distraction.

But there was an opportunity to be capitalised on. The right commercial arrangement with a hosting provider that focuses on partnerships and has the quality to enhance their brand — ideally with a commitment to helping them with their sales cycle — could reap rewards for this business.

Partner Selection

In selecting a partner to refer their clients to, it was imperative that the company found a hosting provider that matched their own quality commitments, that had a strong relationship focus, and that recognised the business that would be being referred to them by offering a substantial and regular referral based revenue stream.

Before choosing TeleData as the hosting partner they'd be happy to refer to, the client visited several hosting providers, went on several data centre tours, and ran a number of trials of various cloud platforms for themselves. Having spent many years in the industry, it was soon clear to see that TeleData stood out from the crowd.

They were putting their name to a recommendation, and therefore they wanted to see that service levels were up to standard, meaning that they could sleep easy knowing they had left their customers with someone they could rely on, and generate revenue by doing so.

The Outcome

After selecting TeleData as the partner of choice, the client's partnership with TeleData began and we worked together to structure a fair commission scheme that was suitably rewarding for them, but didn't penalise the end user.

TeleData provided co-branded marketing materials to help make introductions easy and the partnership a success. All the customer needed to do was generate the interest and make an initial introduction over email, phone or face to face collaborative meetings.

Initially, TeleData took over at the very early stages of interest, then as time went on worked with the customer to give them a better understanding of some of the more technical elements of their data centre and products. This enabled them to answer more questions and better qualify potential referrals, furthering their own ability to identify referral opportunities and continue to build 'no-brainer' recurring referral revenues.

Our partner proposition


Wide range of services including colocation and cloud


Expert, experienced on-site tech and sales support


Owner-operated, independent facility at your disposal


Audit-friendy, compliant environment

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