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LINX Manchester Q&A

In 2019 Teledata became a LINX Manchester Point of Presence, extending LINX's regional internet exchange in Manchester. Watch our interview with Tom Hill, Vice Chair, LINX Manchester Steering Committee, to get the full story.


#1: What is LINX Manchester, and how did it all begin?

icon_watchtime_reverse Watch time: 1m 49sec

#2: Why are local peering exchanges like LINX Manchester important?

icon_watchtime_reverse Watch time: 1m 49sec

#3: How does a local peering exchange benefit the Manchester tech scene?

icon_watchtime_reverse Watch time: 1m 13sec

#4: Who should be joining LINX Manchester at Teledata, what are the benefits for Teledata’s customers and what happens next?

icon_watchtime Watch time: 2m 09sec

#5: What are LINX Manchester's ambitions for the Teledata site?

icon_watchtime_reverse Watch time: 1m 4sec

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