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Top 10 Q&A: Cloud

Teledata's Matt Edgley with some quick-fire answers to the questions we answer the most.


Information that's quick, simple and easy to understand

From Active-Active cloud, to security, procurement and multi-cloud — everything you need to know at the start of your cloud journey.

#1: What is "Active-Active" cloud?

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#2: What are the benefits of Active-Active deployments?

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#3: What is the difference between public and private cloud?

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#4: What are the benefits of cloud?

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#5: Is the cloud secure?

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#6: What should you look for in a cloud services provider?

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#7: What is hybrid cloud?

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#8: What is multi-cloud?

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#9: What are the downsides to cloud?

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#10: Is cloud right for every business?

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