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Other services

Teledata isn't only the market-leading cloud hosting provider in the UK; we offer a whole host of other IT services across our network.

More than meets the eye

By partnering with Teledata you're working with a company that fully owns and manages one of the most secure buildings in the UK with full access point control, ISO 270001 Tier 3 specifications and one of the most well connected data centres in the UK. We offer a whole host of other IT services across our network:

Our NSI Gold Approved BS55979 certification means that we are the only data centre in the world with that level of security on-site.

We provide all our clients with differing levels of restricted access so your requirements are met, while remaining secure and accessible to you and your business.

Let's talk

So if you're looking for something a little different — Teledata offers a wide range of solutions outside of cloud hosting. Speak to us today to find out if we can meet your requirements!