Delta House data centre technical specifications

Our Manchester data centre is accessible, state of the art, and one of the most secure and resilient in Europe. For a complete list of our technical specifications, see below.

Full Technical Specification



Manchester, UK


On-site NOC for in-house environmental & BMS monitoring
BS 8418 (CCTV Monitoring) 


Onsite secure parking. Build areas. Meeting rooms. Office space available.


Smartcool AC Units.  Cold aisle containment. Best practice operations. PUE <1.5

Rack Configurations

Power Circuits

Standard full racks with up to 32 amp circuits (dual).

Rack Sizes

Quarter, half and full rack enclosures

Caged Space

Dedicated secure cages for multiple racks, bespoke sizes.

Rack Power Capacity

Dual feed, up to 8kW per individual rack space.

Rack Power Protection

Mains Feeds

Direct 11,000 HV Dual Feed. Own High-V Sub Station.
Priority A ring feeding data centre.


2(N+N) UPS system: 4 x high capacity Riello UPS inc dual redundant change over panels.


Caterpillar diesel generation. 100 hours fuel on-site.


100% Power SLA available

Cooling Systems

Data Centre

Dual circuit DX CRAC & Free Air Cooling down flow Air Handling Units in N+1 configuration.

Plant Room

Adiabatic cooling backed with multiple spilt AC units.

Network Availability


Carrier Neutral, multiple carriers’ diverse points of entry. Tier 1 carriers & dark fibre available. Various resilient connection options.


Level3/Century Link, SSE, BT, Vodafone, Virgin Media, GTT/Hibernia Atlantic, Cogent, Metronet, IXReach/Allegro Networks, ANS Group, Internet Connections, Avensys, N3 

IX Manchester & LINX direct peering


Copper or fibre: To client requirements.

One off install charges only, no recurring charges.

Metro &
Long Reach  Network

Direct connections to major Manchester and London data centers.

Security and Fire Protection


Manned, SIA badged security on-site 24/7. CCTV live monitoring, surveillance and incident response via on-site, Police linked Alarm Receiving Centre & BS 5979 S.O.C.

Security Resilience

Security Operations Centre has own on-site data centre, fibre, cooling and UPS systems with no dependencies on the wider data centre infrastructure for complete resilience. 


Multi factor access control including anti tailgating man-traps protected by Card, Pin, Volumetric & Biometric checks before access is granted to critical areas.


Anti-climb full height perimeter fence, infra-red virtual trip wires, motion detection, remote voice challenge, automated security gates, CCTV monitoring to BS8418 standards 24/7.

Fire Detection

VESDA smoke detection FM200 & Argonite suppression systems in data halls and critical plant rooms. Building P1 fire system.


ISO27001 certified (BSI)

Security to NSI Gold Approved BS5979

Caged area or single racks to PCI DSS

PASF (Police Approved Secure Facility)


Cogent Communications

Cogent is a multinational Tier 1 Internet Service Provider. Its service offers internet access and data transport throughout the world over its award-winning fibre optic, IP data-only network.


Level 3 / Century Link

In the autumn of 2011, Level 3 and Global Crossing joined forces. The new integrated network united Level 3’s broad, deep U.S. and European footprint with Global Crossing’s extensive international, intercity network. The Level 3 Network has direct, private connections to almost every major ISP and Telco.


IX Reach

Allegro offer the quality, security and capacity associated with large operators, but with the flexibility, simplicity and customer-focused approach of smaller providers. Allegro offer exceptional SLAs and once a provider is connected onto Allegro’s network, they can quickly and efficiently upgrade their capacity.



BT’s highly redundant network connection provides them with a 100% internet availability target along with a market-leading SLA. It connects companies around the world with their globally recognised fibre and is the largest supplier of Wi-Fi in the country.



SSE’s telecoms strategy for deploying next generation networks ensures it constantly pushes the boundaries of our network reach and performance with an extensive portfolio of Layer 2 connectivity and a flexible approach to network configuration.


GTT (Previously Hibernia Atlantic)

Hibernia Networks owns and operates a global network connecting North America, Europe and Asia. Hibernia offers over 120 network Points of Presence (PoPs) on over 24,000 kilometres of fibre.


Virgin Media

Virgin has invested over £13 billion to build and own the UK’s largest nationwide fibre optic network with 330 Ethernet PoPs and over 38,000 street cabinets across the country. Its infrastructure is consistently upgraded providing high resilience and quick data speeds.


Boundless Communications

Boundless Communications provide business-grade connectivity services to properties in or out of business parks using fibre and wireless technologies. Having built around 2,000 wireless links in the past couple of years, Boundless Communications can provide fibre to the premises and fibre to the mast wireless solutions. High performance connections can be installed on very short lead times and businesses can save money compared to conventional leased lines.



Access faster, more reliable network and communications solutions for your end customers with the help of Vodafone Carrier Services – increase efficiency, reduce costs and deliver better service.

Vodafone Carrier Services provides adaptable, purpose-built voice and data solutions for communications service providers that are next generation ready. Experienced at serving both the enterprise and consumer telecommunications markets, our UK and international teams specifically focused on delivering carrier grade services are ready to help your business grow.



Avensys Networks provides a low latency, robust and resilient network with multiple POPs in Manchester, London and Sheffield, offering UK and global transit. Avensys specialises in offering high-quality services to the business sector, including bandwidth, leased lines and co-location, at a sensible price. Avensys was established in 1996 and we are expert at what we do.


ANS Group

ANS Group design, implement and support complex network, data centre and mobility solutions for organisations with locations both in the UK and around the globe. With a focus on high-level expertise at every stage, ANS Group create bespoke network infrastructure solutions to cope with the individual needs of each unique enterprise customer.


Internet Connections

Internet Connections operates an important part of the general network infrastructure of the UK. With points of presence at key data centres throughout Manchester and London, its 10GE level network performance and wide UK coverage provides highly resilient and redundant transit.


Metronet / M24Seven

Metronet (UK) operates the most advanced hybrid network in the UK. By combining a unique mixture of wired and wireless technology, Metronet (UK) is able to offer connectivity solutions with one of the best SLA and support packages in the industry.


N3 (NHS closed network)

N3 is a Wide Area IP Network (WAN), connecting many different sites across the NHS within England & Scotland. It also connects to other networks via Gateways, notably to the Internet via the Internet Gateway.

Data Centres such as TeleData host applications and so serve many end-users, making them focal points for data traffic. Therefore some are connected directly into the N3 core, in the same way as an N3 Access PoP. They are typically 100Mbps - 1Gbps services.



Vispa Internet Limited was launched in October 1999 by a small, yet dedicated team of Internet "surfers" who wanted to provide an ISP that would fully meet the demands and requests of their clients within the United Kingdom. Our vision has always been, and will remain so, to provide a full range of services at affordable and fair price points, where our customers are allowed to maintain their own individual identity.


Talk Internet

Talk Internet uses only tier 1 service providers; Level 3, Global Crossing, Cogent and Hibernia Atlantic to provide high performance networks with access to all worldwide domains. IP Transit provides direct links to many of the world’s largest content and access providers. Peering in both the UK and Europe insures that we have the fastest and quickest route to all major networks.

To continue to offer the widest choice possible, we are always looking to extend this list, so keep an eye on this page for updates.

For more details about our third party services, call us now on 0333 888 4083.

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