Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud hosting

Take your cloud platform to the next level with IaaS from TeleData: our secure, high-performance and fully supported UK cloud hosting service.

What is IaaS and cDC?


Virtualise your data centre with IaaS from TeleData

Whatever your business need or skill level, our UK cloud hosting services are designed to make IaaS simple - so you can reap the benefits of unbeatable resilience, flexibility and scalability without the headaches.

We also deliver our cloud hosting services from our own state-of-the-art data centre in Manchester, so you can have peace of mind your data is secure, protected against downtime and only ever hosted in the UK.

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Get complete control of your IT resources in the cloud with IaaS from TeleData

Your cloud data centre

Get complete control of your IT resources in the cloud

With IaaS from TeleData, you’ll have a complete cloud data centre (cDC) at your disposal and full control over your servers, network setup and computing resources. For our part, we’ll ensure you have room to grow when you need it - as well as unlimited access to our expert support team.

With flexible pricing models available, we’ll also help you stay in control of your spending and avoid any hidden costs.

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From cabinet to cloud: An IaaS migration checklist

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From cabinet to cloud: An IaaS migration checklist

Planning a complex IaaS migration? We've written a free checklist to help you plan a smooth transition from cabinet to cloud.

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Why TeleData?

Our data centre

Case study

“They were offering more than just infrastructure. We were getting the reassurance of a standard of support and service that we already had experience of.”

Daniel Meggitt, Managing Director, Abstract

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