Active-Active Cloud Hosting — CloudActiv™

With our CloudActiv cloud hosting platform, you can forget configuring a DR platform with standby capacity to guard against primary site failure — we have done that for you. Sub-1ms continuous replication between our multiple sites means an RTO and RPO of near zero with automatic failover, built-in as standard.

CloudActiv overview

Welcome to CloudActiv Cloud

The new standard in Cloud Hosting

Do you have the spare time, energy and budget to manage both a primary server platform and a secondary DR platform — and to manage and test the periodic replication of data between them?

Can you afford to cross your fingers when things go wrong?

With CloudActiv you don't need to. Every single virtual machine on our CloudActiv platform is replicated within 1-ms to a second site, with capacity reserved for immediate fail-over if required. (Watch the video.)

And these are not complex configurable options either. CloudActiv is 'Active/Active' out-of-the box whether it's a single server or a complex IaaS environment.  We can even mirror your data backups between two independent sites.

There's no network reconfiguration or restore required, there's no DR process to follow if a host fails or a full site goes down. With CloudActiv, it all just happens automatically.

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The new standard in cloud

  • ✔ Host failover between sites for VMs
  • ✔ vSAN stretched cluster technology
  • ✔ Sites can operate independently
  • ✔ Backed up to a secondary location
  • ✔ Storage failover between sites
  • ✔ Built-in disaster recovery
  • ✔ No IP reconfiguration in event of failover
  • ✔ Dual 10GB inter-site connectivity

Why choose CloudActiv cloud hosting from TeleData?

Daniel Meggitt, Managing Director, Abstract

Case study

“They were offering more than just infrastructure. We were getting the reassurance of a standard of support and service that exceeds any other that we've had experience of.”

Daniel Meggitt, Managing Director, Abstract

See the case study >

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